Master's Program

The course contents of the Woodworking Industrial Engineering Master's Program have been updated within the scope of the Bologna Process.

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Elective Courses

The SEC-coded courses opened by the Faculty Members of our School under the Coordinatorship of the Elective Courses Unit of our University are listed below and click on them to access the contents of these courses.


SEC 240 Design Geometry and Drawing

SEC 402 Two-Dimensional Computer-Aided Drawing

SEC 242 Educational Wooden Toys

SEC 403 Three-Dimensional Computer-Aided Drawing

SEC 244 Wood Technology

SEC 404 Entrepreneurial Wood Project Design

SEC 246 Importance of Wood in Intercultural Interaction

SEC 405 Importance of Wood in Our Life

SEC 293 Wooden Musical Instruments

SEC 406 Introduction to Wood Science and Technology

SEC 295 Methodical Woodworking

SEC 407 Wood Product Development

SEC 343 Golden Ratio Rule and Perspective Drawing

SEC 408 Wood Construction

SEC 391 Wood-Based Composite Materials

SEC 409 CAD CAM Systems

General Introduction

The Woodworking Industrial Engineering Department, which is the only department within the Vocational Technology School of our university, was established in 1973 under the Hacettepe University Rectorate in order to train industrial engineers with planner, researcher and managerial qualifications needed by woodworking/furniture organizations which aims to produce products in accordance with world quality and standards. The program has been the only undergraduate department in Turkey where graduates of industrial vocational high schools or technical high schools, who graduated from woodworking and furniture-decoration departments, can receive engineering education related to their profession, from its establishment until 2009. In addition to this feature, since 1995, all university candidates, whether they graduated from vocational high schools or not, have shown great interest in the program...



Since its establishment in 1973, radical changes have been made within the scope of the status and administrative commitment of the Vocational Technology School of our University (which has Woodworking Industrial Engineering Department). The start of education is based on two-year associate degree programs as in some other engineering departments. In 1975, the department was converted into a 4-year undergraduate program in engineering, including a one-year English preparatory class before the undergraduate program...


Woodworking Industrial Engineering is in the Scope of International Occupational Classification...

ISCO-08 (International Standard Classification of Occupations) is an international document "prepared to define and present occupational information in order to enable international comparison of occupational information" published by the International Labor Organization (ILO)...



Woodworking Industrial Engineers Have Been Authorized to Sign with the Law No. 5531... 

With the Law on Forest Engineering, Forest Industrial Engineering and Woodworking Industrial Engineering dated 29.06.2006 and numbered 5531, Woodworking Industrial Engineering graduates have been granted the signing authority...

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